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Some of you may know me as Zarefah in the early threads of Freedom. I had been smoking for 35 years when I found this site. I still remember those early days...reading Joel's Library and lurking about the site, not posting on the board because surely that would be committing and I sure wasn't ready to do that! On June 3, 2000 I made the decision to take my last puff, this time armed with my newly acquired knowledge. At hour 50 I was pleading with my new found friends for help! And they did help! Time went by and things got better. Within 6 months, life was very bearable without smoking and before a year came around I knew that I liked not smoking and would never take another puff again, no matter what. I will soon have my tenth smoke free anniversary. Whenever I felt weak my mantra was that "quitting was the best gift I would ever give myself". It was more a statement based on pure faith in the beginning but today I can assure you it was truly the greatest gift. If you are in the early part of your journey, keep reading to re-inforce what you have already learned. Look to the group for support and share your ideas when you can. Celebrate everyday of your journey. Be proud of yourself. Believe. Countless others have followed the same path and are now will be too!

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    Thank you so much! You give me so much hope and strength!  Sincerely, Linda